General Information

SmartSaver Online is an online shopping reward program under SmartSaver. SmartSaver Online is the ideal avenue for you to shop smart and save smart online. When you make any purchase at your favourite e-store listed on SmartSaver Online, you will get to earn Cash Point rebate and Reward Point. So why wait, log in now to www.smartsaver.id.

You can send us a message via SmartSaver Online Customer Care at the SmartSaver Online website or just drop us an email at support@smartsaver.id and our team will revert back accordingly.


Becoming a SmartSaver Online member means being SmartSaver member as well. So, to register just login to www.smartsaver.id to sign up for free and start enjoying points from both SmartSaver Offline and SmartSaver Online.

Having login problem? Please make sure the things below:

  1. Type your username, email, and password correctly
  2. Check your capslock during type your password
  3. Make sure there is no space during input your password

Click here You can always reset it: Click 'Forgot' to resetyour password. Enter the KTP ID and email that you have registered on the forgot password form. Click 'Reset' and we will send your new password.

Cash Point & Reward Point

Cash Points
You may redeem Cash Points at any of our participating merchants for any goods or services. “1 Cash Point = IDR 1”

Reward points
Exchange your reward points for merchandises offered by SmartSaver by logging in to the SmartSaver website and click on “Point Redemption” followed by “Reward Point Redemption Catalogue”. Or just go to the redemption section on the SmartSaver Discover apps. Browse for items that you like and follow the remaining step to complete your redemption.

Please do not worry, cash point will take up to 48 hours to be updated in your account. If you do not see your cash point within that time period, you may send us an e-mail to support@smartsaver.id with the details below to ease the inspection of your purchase and we will investigate this issue with our partner websites:

  1. Merchant
  2. No. Pemesanan
  3. Date Purchase
  4. Amount
  5. KTP ID
  6. Email
  7. Product : e.g. flight/hotel/flight & hotel (package)

In order for SmartSaver Online to track your Cash Point, we will have to plant a tracking cookie in your internet browser to track your order and reward you with the right amount of Cash Point.

If you forget to click through from SmartSaver Online, we will not be able to track your order and no cash point will be given. So, you have to remember to always log in to SmartSaver Online website and let us redirect you to our merchants’ stores.

Yes, our agreement with our partner websites is that they would not pay out for cancelled/refunded transactions. So, in this case, we would have to void your Cash Point.

This all depends on the procedures of each Online Merchant. Every online merchant wants to make sure that you will not request a refund or cancel your transaction. After Smartsaver.id gets confirmation from the online Merchant, your cash point will immediately be sent to smartsaver.id Dashboard. You can also see how many days Cash Points & Reward points will be received on each Online Merchant page.

How to shop via SmartSaver

Yes, we will require you to be logged into your SmartSaver Online account because this is the only way we could track your transactions and reward you your Cash Point & Reward Point.

Just follow the simple steps below to shop easily and earn points:

  1. Register as SmartSaver Online member.
  2. Browse for your favourite e-store on SmartSaver Online.
  3. Check out their awesome offers and click on their link.
  4. Click on the “Shop Now” button and proceed to shop at their store.
  5. Once purchase made, Cash Point and Reward Point will be credited to your account based on the timeline given by the merchants.

Browser Setting

If you do not activate cookies in your browser, SmartSaver will not be able to track your orders and provide cash points / reward points. Make sure you have activated Cookies in your browser settings.

How To activate cookies:

Google Chrome

Click on the menu icon and select "Settings". Press "Show advanced settings" and search for "Privacy". Click on "Content Settings" and select "Allow local data to be set (recommended)" option under "Cookies". Click "Finish" button to register this change. For more detail, Click here

Internet Explorer

Click on the tool icon and then "Internet Options". Select "Privacy" tab. Under "Select settings for internet zone", drag the slider all the way down to "Accept All Cookies". Click "OK" button to confirm this change.For the detail, click here

Mozila Firefox

Click menu icon and select "Options". Select the "Privacy" tab and then "Cookies". Under the "History" section, select the drop-down menu for "Firefox will" and select "Use custom settings for history". Select the "Accept cookies from sites" option and ensure "Accept third-party cookies" section is set to "Always" while the "Until" section is set to "They Expire". Click the "OK" button to confirm this change here


Click on the Safari menu and select "Preferences". Click "Security" tab. Click “never” on "Block cookies" For more detail Click here

Using a browser without activating cookies can prevent you from getting Cash points & Reward Points. Smartsaver.id strongly recommends the use of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari, so Cashpoint & Reward Points can be tracked. If your browser has problems / errors, we recommend that you clear the cache to ensure more accurate Caspoint & Rewardpoint tracking.

Sometimes your browser has problems, which cause to pending your Cashpoints & Reward Points. Clean your Cahce to ensure Cashpoint tracking & reward points are successful (it takes less than one minute)! Here's how to clear cache in your browser:

Google Chrome

Click on the menu icon and select "Other tools" and then "Clear browsing data". In the dialog that appears: Select "start time" from the drop-down menu, select "Cookies and plugin data and other sites" Select "Cached files and images" Click the "Browse history" button to register these changes. For more details, click here

Internet Explorer

Click on the tool icon and choose "Safety" then "Delete Browsing History". Dialog box will appears, then uncheck all options except one labeled "Temporary Internet files and website files". Click the "Delete" button to save this change For more details, Click here

Mozila Firefox

Click on the tool icon and choose "Safety" then "Delete Browsing History". Dialog box will appears, then uncheck all options except one labeled "Temporary Internet files and website files". Click the "Delete" button to save this change. For more details, Click here


Click on the Safari menu and go to "Empty Cache". Click "Empty" to clear the cache. For more details, Click here