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How to shop in SmartSaver by Web Browser

How to shop in SmartSaver by Mobile Browser

How to shop in SmartSaver



  1. Make sure you click "Shop Now" button on Merchant description information before you proceed your shopping and don't click other sites (e.g Facebook, other shopping sites, etc).
  2. If there is incorrect payment, try to repeat your transaction on Smartsaver by clicking the "Shop Now" button so the Cash Point & Reward Point tracking will remain active.
  3. For any new shopping transaction, please repeat the shopping steps in Smartsaver. For example for 3 transactions, then proceed the shopping transaction for 3 times by clicking "Shop Now" button.

Be sure you always use your KTP ID Number whenever you login and visit your favorite merchants on SmartSaver.
Your cash point can be redeemed for cash vouchers or with products and services from SmartSaver merchants.

1 Cash Point = IDR 1.


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